Herbert von Karajan on the stage set of Die Walküre, 1967
Herbert von Karajan on the stage set of Die Walküre, 1967


WalküRe 1967 • 2017
The re-creation of a stage work

50 Years of the Salzburg Easter Festival

1967 was a watershed year, a year of new departures, and not just in the student movement of the day. Pierre Boulez was demanding that the opera houses be blown up – and Herbert von Karajan was busy realizing his vision for music theatre by founding the Easter Festival in Salzburg. Nothing less than the ‘sum of his life’s experiences’ was intended to flow into Karajan’s Ring for Salzburg. The set designer Günther Schneider-Siemssen built an ellipse for the Ring on the Festival stage, into which he planted a mighty oak trunk. the production was planned to have a ‘timeless’ quality and a utopian slant, and it was to hover in ‘cosmic space’. And into this scenery, Karajan conjured up ‘sounds of often painful beauty’.

Our re-creation of the sets for Die Walküre on the occasion of the jubilee 50 Years of the Salzburg Easter Festival brings the historic original back into focus, while Karajan’s idea of a ‘festive play’ is retold and made audible and visible again in an accompanying exhibition (curated by Margarethe Lasinger). By contrasting historical and latter-day dimensions we will investigate viewing habits both old and new, and offer a sensory experience of different worlds of perception.


9—18 April 2017, 9:00—17:00
Salzburg Museum/Neue Residenz, Max Gandolph Library

Free admission for visitors of the 2017 Salzburg Easter Festival upon presentation of a ticket

In collaboration with Eliette und Herbert von Karajan Institut, Salzburg Museum and University of Salzburg