Michael Sturminger talks about the 'thriller Tosca' (in German).

‘Tosca is a thriller’

The director Michael Sturminger is currently working intensively on his forthcoming production of Tosca. And Christian Thielemann is involved in preparing his opera and concert projects at the 2018 Easter Festival. We are releasing a series of video interviews in which both men offer fascinating insights into their plans and their work (in German). They both agree: Giacomo Puccini wrote Tosca as if it were a thriller.

Tosca is about people in extreme situations’, Michael Sturminger explains in the first film. There’s great excitement and big emotions, but compressed into a relatively short evening at the opera. At times, he says, ‘it’s even reminiscent of a pulp novel’.


"Would you like a Cognac?"

Christian Thielemann talks about his first conducting of "Tosca" many years ago

In the second film, Christian Thielemann tells an anecdote in which he talks about his first conducting of Tosca at an early stage of his career. Moreover he explains the challenges for a conductor in this opera.



'To show this work in a different light'

Michael Sturminger talks about his production.

Tosca is set in a specific place at a specific time. Stage director Michael Sturminger explains in the third film how he wants to tell the story of this opera today.