Jürgen Kesting © Jan Voth
Jürgen Kesting © Jan Voth

Don Carlo – world-historical drama and familiy tragedy
Overview of the discography

with Jürgen Kesting

(in German)


Jürgen Kesting is a music critic and an author of specialist books. He took a degree in German, English and philosophy and worked as the chief press officer for Electrola in Cologne and for Eurodisc in Munich before turning to journalism for a living. From 1973 onwards he was active as an editor and author for Stern magazine, and in 1978 he took on the post of Stern’s chief arts editor. In 1993 he joined the newly founded newspaper Die Woche. Kesting has also writtenarticles and columns for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Berliner Zeitung and numerous specialist journals such as Fono Forum, Opernwelt and Musik und Theater. He has broadcast many radio programmes on music (for WDR, South-West Radio, Radio Free Berlin, North-German Radio etc.), and when his three-volume standard work Die grossen Sänger (The Great Singers) was published in 1986, this cemented Jürgen Kesting’s reputation as one of the most renowned experts in singing.


Sunday, 5 April, 11:00
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