FAQ Coronavirus

How will the coronavirus affect the events of the Salzburg Easter Festival?
On the basis of the current risk assessment (current as of 5 March 2020), all events of the Salzburg Easter Festival will take place. If the risk assessment should change substantially, events would be cancelled only if they were prohibited officially by the government authorities.

How is the Salzburg Easter Festival preparing for the coronavirus?
The Salzburg Easter Festival engages in continuous exchange with the relevant authorities. In addition, a task force led by a physician has been established. This task force has developed crisis plans in case the virus spreads further as well as prevention plans.

So far, the following measures have been implemented:

  • Information and recommendations for all employees regarding hygiene, travel, actions to take in case of illness
  • Training of sales and front-of-house staff regarding information for the public, behaviour in cases of crisis
  • Training of cleaning staff: special and regular cleaning of all surfaces, handrails, bars, toilets, dressing rooms, tables, etc… at all Festival theatres and offices.
  • Provision of disinfectant: all restrooms and gastronomic areas as well as crucial entrance and exit points have been fitted with disinfectant dispensers
  • Regular exchange of information with all artists and ensembles and, if necessary, support for them as prevention measures take effect

If a performance is officially cancelled by the relevant authorities, will my money be refunded?
In the event that a performance is officially cancelled in connection with the coronavirus, ticket holders receive a refund of the ticket price.

In addition, news will always be published on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/osterfestspiele/
The State of Salzburg has established a website especially for this issue. Here is the link:
The State of Salzburg also informs its citizens via Facebook:
General information on the coronavirus in Austria:

Are there currently cases of the coronavirus in Salzburg?
There are currently a few cases of the coronavirus in the State of Salzburg. Current information on the spread of the virus in Salzburg can be found here: www.salzburg.gv.at/corona-english

Are there concerns regarding travel to Salzburg and the Salzburg region?
No. According to current knowledge, there are no concerns against traveling to the Salzburg region. The State of Salzburg and its health institutions are aware and have prepared to the greatest possible extent. In general, the Austrian healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world, and the experts at these institutions are equipped to deal with challenges like this one.

Are there any travel impediments?
No. All regions in the State of Salzburg can be reached without impediments by car and train. There are no restrictions on flights to and from Salzburg. Salzburg’s tourism regions are operating as normal at this time of year.

Are there restrictions on public life in Salzburg and the State of Salzburg?
Landeshauptmann Wilfried Haslauer, Health Counsellor Christian Stöckl and State Healthcare Director Petra Juhasz have expressly stated that public life should be disturbed as little as possible. This includes larger events as well, which are currently taking place as usual.

What should I do if I suspect I may be infected?
Should you seriously suspect that you or someone in your close proximity might be infected and you are within Austria, please immediately contact the Health Services by calling the number 1450. Please make sure to make initial contact only by phone. Outside of Austria, please contact the local health authorities.

How can I protect myself from infection?
The graphic below provided by the State of Salzburg offers an overview of how to prevent infection with the coronavirus – but of course also with other diseases, such as seasonal flu. It can be downloaded in German and in English free of charge from these websites:
www.salzburg.gv.at/corona-virus resp. www.salzburg.gv.at/corona-english

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