Opening the Doors to Opera

Since 1994, successful music (theatre) education from the Salzburg Easter Festival and akzente Salzburg.

A workshop for young people at the Salzburg Easter Festival
A workshop for young people at the Salzburg Easter Festival © akzente/Neumayr

Since 1994, the Salzburg Easter Festival and akzente Salzburg have organized the project OPER QUICKLEBENDIG (“Opera Alive”)- Young People and Easter Festival, giving young people from the city and region of Salzburg a chance to experience opera as a feast for all our senses. The project helps them understand complex narratives, find an approach to the emotional nature of the music and relate the action on stage to their own lives.

Workshops and Backstage Views

What began as a pilot project featuring Boris Godunov for two school classes has since developed into a highlight of every school year: Depending on the availability of seats for the main orchestra rehearsal, up to 2,000 young people receive an intensive musicological introduction to the opera, before splitting up to attend creative and theoretical workshops dealing with the opera’s topics. The catalogue of workshops is tailored especially to the interests of young people (and the actual opera production): drama, dance, rap, hip hop, land art, photography, lithography, journalism, costumes, painting, sculpture and others. Furthermore, every year up to 250 students get to tour the areas of the Festspielhaus not normally accessible to the public, experiencing first-hand how many people are involved in a large-scale opera production. The highlight of the project is the main orchestra rehearsal. This is combined with the exhibition of the photographs, films and artworks created during the workshops, which will remain on view at the intermission foyer of the Großes Festspielhaus for the entire Easter week.

Release Possible Fears

All those involved benefit from the project Young People and Easter Festival: The Salzburg Easter Festival is able to reduce possible fears associated with attending a supposedly “elitist cultural institution”, while young people have the chance - many for the first time - of experiencing grand music theatre in a creative and spontaneous fashion. It is of central importance to akzente Salzburg to open doors to opera - which is, literally, what happens during the project. This introduces young people to a brand-new and ever-exciting world they are free to explore individually.