Patrons’ Lounge

The Grosses Festspielhaus was opened in 1960, and later became the main venue for the Salzburg Easter Festival. Since 1995, the intermission room in the first floor has been the dedicated Patrons’ Lounge and also serves as a space for lectures and other events.

The Patrons' Lounge at the Salzburg Easter Festival
The Patrons' Lounge in the Grosses Festspielhaus © Karl Forster

The Grosses Festspielhaus has two intermission spaces with catering facilities: the room on the ground floor is open to everyone, while that on the first floor has since 1995 been the dedicated Patrons’ Lounge, thanks to support from the late American patron of the arts Donald Kahn, who was also a very devoted Patron of the Salzburg Easter Festival.


The Lounge serves the Easter, Whitsun and Summer Festivals at Salzburg as an exclusive reception hall for Patrons, sponsors and their guests. Above and beyond this, various events also take place here such as lectures, press conferences and the like.


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