FAQs about the 2021 Salzburg Easter Festival

Published in November 2020

We look forward to seeing you in spring 2021!

To make your visit as safe and pleasant as possible, we have compiled the most important information for you here. If you have any questions, please contact our ticket office.

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Will the 2021 Salzburg Easter Festival take place?

It is our overriding aim that the 2021 Salzburg Easter Festival should indeed take place, which is why we are currently working on logistical issues to ensure this. After all, in August 2020, the Salzburg Festival provided us with a successful example. So we are confident that an artistically exciting Easter Festival will once again take place in Salzburg in 2021.

Will there be adjustments to the programme?

The opera Turandot with Anna Netrebko in the title role and Christian Thielemann at the helm of the Staatskapelle Dresden will be given in a concert version on account of the size and complexity of this work – it requires more than 250 participants. The new, reduced prices can be found here.

The requirements of the authorities mean that the Chamber Concert in the Modern Art Museum and the children’s concert “Kapelle for Kids” will regrettably have to be postponed until Easter 2022.

Please note that the current situation means cast changes and other modifications may occur. Thank you for your flexibility!

What hygiene regulations will apply at the 2021 Easter Festival?

Your health is naturally of especial importance to us. This is why we will be observing events in connection with Covid-19 very carefully over the coming months, and will be adapting our comprehensive hygiene plan accordingly on a daily basis in March and April 2021.

 When you enter a venue, please wear a mask to cover your mouth and nose, and wear it all the time when walking through buildings where performances are taking place. Please bring your own facemasks with you. Also, please check out the latest hygiene rules online here on the day of the performance (social distancing, current rules about mouth and nose protection etc.).

How many will be allowed in the audience?

For events with allocated, marked seating in closed areas, the number of people allowed entrance has changed over the last couple of weeks. This means that the seating capacity has regrettably been reduced.

We are naturally keen to fulfil your wishes for tickets to the extent possible, while respecting official requirements. 

When will ticket sales begin?

Seats are being assigned to Patrons with immediate effect. It is not necessary to order them anew. We will very much try to give you your usual seat, or one as close to it as possible. However, it can happen that you are allocated a new seat in order to keep the distance required by the safety guidelines.

Individual tickets will go on sale on 1 December 2020. It is possible to order tickets at any time.

Is there anything we should consider when buying tickets?

All tickets have to be personalised to comply with the rules of the authorities. This is to enable swift contact tracing in the event that there is a suspected case of COVID transmission. We can regrettably only sell tickets if we are given your contact data.

Unless we are otherwise informed in writing, we will assume that the purchaser of a ticket will be the person attending the event. Their names will be printed on the tickets, and there will be an ID check when the audience is admitted to the Festspielhaus. Please allow extra time when coming to the Festspielhaus on account of these additional entry controls. Visitors have to ensure that they can immediately provide the contact data of any accompanying person (name, telephone number, e-mail address), should the authorities contact them afterwards on account of a case of COVID-19. An accompanying person is only allowed to enter the performance venue when in the company of the visitor whose name is printed on the ticket. Please inform your companions accordingly, and take note of our latest guidelines.

If a visitor is going to be accompanied by more than one person, please contact our Ticket Office directly so that the appropriate details can be noted.

The names on tickets can be altered at the Ticket Office of the Salzburg Easter Festival, upon payment of a fee of EUR 15.-

The COVID-19 provisions mean it is impossible to pass on tickets to others unless the name on the ticket is changed at the Ticket Office. In the performance venue itself, visitors may sit only on the numbered seats specifically allocated to them. It is strictly forbidden to move to another seat.

What should I do if I cannot attend a performance, or decide against it?

If you are unable to travel to Salzburg on account of an official travel warning for Salzburg issued by your home country, then it is possible to cancel your ticket and to get a refund of the money you have paid.

Why use print@home?

We recommend using the new ‘print@home’ ticket option. This is only valid when printed on a DIN A4 sheet that is undamaged when presented at admittance to the venue. The QR code printed on it will be validated electronically by a scanner when you are admitted. It is impossible for further people to gain admittance by means of multiples copies of a ticket with the same QR code. The system will immediately report this.

Is there anything to consider when fetching tickets?

If you don't want to or can't use the "print@home" option, please fetch your tickets from the Ticket Office on Herbter-von-Karajan-Platz in advance of a performance. This will help us to avoid large gatherings of people and long waiting times at the evening box office.

What should we pay attention to when entering the performance venues?

Depending on the side on which you are seated, and the area in question (stalls, boxes or balcony), specially marked entrances will be available to you. Please avoid unnecessary contact with others in the foyer.

Visitors attend performances at their own risk. Please only come to our events if you do not show any COVID-19 symptoms.